Alexander Curtis

Alexander Curtis


Curriculum Vitae


born in Canterbury, Kent (UK)

1972 - 78

pupil at Marlbrough House School, Hawkhurst, Kent

1978 - 83

pupil at Rossall School, Fleetwood, Lancashire

1983 - 84

maker of Bonchester Cheese at Easter Weens Enterprises, Hawick, Roxburghshire

1984 - 86

student of sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art

1986 - 88

self directed philosophy studies in Edinburgh

1988 - 93

studies in Free Graphics and Film at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna

1991 - 92

Foreign Students Scholarship from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna

1992 - 93

Ministry of Arts, Education and Sport, Working Scholarship for film


graduation with the film “Opus 7”

1993 - 95

lived in Vienna working on literary projects

1995 - 98

lived in Scotland working on literary projects


return to Vienna, development and construction of the Invicta 1 Refraction Camera

1999 - 00

investigations in visual perception, hallucination, altered states and Palaeolithic culture


filming and post-production of the DVD Project “At the Rainbow’s Foot”


pressing of the DVD “At the Rainbow’s Foot” with a Venus of Willendorf Paper model for self assembly as an inlay

Artists’ Books, Films and Literary Works

1986 - 89

diverse artists’ books made with college techniques; see: gangway #8Diana & Actaeon

1989 - 92

five short films of between 2’ and 5’ in length, mainly made with single-frame techniques, 16mm Arametrofie (1989) , Opus No. 2 (1989) , Phi der Goldene Schnitt (1990) , Arametrofie Revisited (1991) and In the Wake (1992)


Opus 7 , a 4’ film mixing live-action and animation, 16mm


completion of the novelle “The Englishman’s Travelling Library”, published as an e-book by gangan books australia; Englishman T.O.C.


completion of the novel, “Bacchus: Autobiography of a Demi-god”, published by gangan books australia; Bacchus T.O.C.


“A Songline in the Libyian Desert”, a 400 line poem tracing King Solomon’s journey through the Libyian Desert as he searches for Sheba


“At the Rainbow’s Foot”, 9'20", DVD Pal


together with Maja Vukoje, “Sahar – The Awakening”, 13 min., 35mm.


Each link to a film points to the Austrian Independent Film and Video Database .